– The walking challenge was successfully completed between December 2013 and April 2014 –

About Me

I was born in Sydney, have worked as a weather observer since 2007 and fittingly enjoy long walks on the beach. I’m an average person hoping to make a small contribution to the four charities which have each featured at some stage in my life story. 

Over the coming months as part of this walk I plan on giving my iPod a good workout as well as my one and only pair of sand shoes. Hopefully they’ll survive.


If you would like to make contact you can do so via desertislandwalking@gmail.com

Photos in print can be obtained via http://www.mjdunnphotography.com/ All profits will be split evenly between the charities listed and to fund the continuance of this website (which costs money).

About Willis Island

The Island

The island was established in 1921 as an advanced warning cyclone station. It has had a number of inhabitants over the years including staff from Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia), the Royal Australian Air Force and the Bureau of Meteorology. The island provides meteorological observations 24/7 which includes a combination of automatic and manual surface observations, upper air soundings and radar weather watch.

Welcome to Willis Island: Population 4

Welcome to Willis Island: Population 4

The island is very small and located about 450 km (280 miles) from mainland Australia. It is roughly oval-shaped, about 500m long by 150m wide and is the only inhabited island in the Coral Sea Islands Territory. Despite its size and remoteness the wildlife is diverse and includes several types of sea birds, green sea turtles, hermit crabs and a variety of other marine life.

Sat Map

Located 450 km from the Australian coastline


The 500 lap walking challenge will be completed during my  free time. I will not be collecting donations from anyone. I intend to give the money I am not paying towards rent in Sydney solely by myself. There are links to the featured charities for others to give to directly should they wish however there is no obligation to do so.

The island operates a rotating shift roster between the hours 0545 – 2315. The wet season is now active and occasionally tropical cyclones visit the area. At times the routines and workloads will be subject to weather and other conditions. In this case, the walk may be delayed or postponed until it is considered safe to resume.

At no time will the working duties of myself or my other crew members be compromised due to this walk. All other duties including routine equipment maintenance, household duties and other outdoor work will take priority over the walk.

The views, opinions, photographs and writings contained in this blog are entirely those expressed by myself. Although I have received permission to do so they should not be attributed in any way to my employer.

All maps and tracks posted have been created using the Google My Tracks app for Android. To download this app and for further information please visit Google Mobile.