XIV: One Final Lap

It came right down to the wire as the final 5 laps were completed in darkness and on the last night before the changeover commenced. It’s been a busy and hectic final few weeks but the end is almost here. With the arrival of the new crew a couple of days ago, the changeover process is nearing its end. The old crew has shown the new crew the ropes, supplies have been transported from ship to shore and the reality of our imminent return to civilisation is starting to sink in.

Although at times it was difficult, the walk was completed successfully. My shoes have seen better days, but they continue to do their job; I still continue to experience a small frustration with a slight moan when birds send their messages from above; and I’m still happily surprised at seeing baby turtles scramble their way down the beach to the ocean – it’s something that never gets old. 


I decided to walk one more lap of the island yesterday, just to enjoy the final moments and appreciate the surrounds. Although I’ll miss it and will probably look back at the overall 6 month journey in a week’s time as ‘just a dream’, the time has come to go and it’s a nice feeling to have gotten to this point.



Thank you for messages of support along the way and for spreading the story by sharing this with others. Hopefully it raised some awareness of a few different and great organisations, and may even prompt others to do something similar themselves one day.

As I write this another cyclone is brewing in our region which is adding a little drama to our remaining hours on the island. Tropical Cyclone Ita formed to the north-east of the island a few days ago and the seas are picking up around us. Although it’s likely to stay well away from us, what was a bumpy 30-hour boat ride for the incoming crew to the island may be even more bumpy for our return. We will see.

Laps Completed: 500

Laps to Go: 0 

Total Distance Covered: 603.72km