XII. Endgame

The 400 lap mark was completed at the end of last week and in doing so, the equivalent of walking back to the mainland has been reached. It’s taken just under three months and the final leg is now under way. 


It’s been good daily exercise and an opportunity to clear the mind – not that there’s a whole lot going on in there. But a few things I’ve learned along the way so far:

  • The best music to listen to while walking over sand, is anything at around a pace of 100 beats per minute.
  • If the skill of ‘picking the best type of sand or coral surface to walk on for most efficiency‘ ever becomes real and in high demand, I’m your guy.
  • Hats do a lot more than just cover your head in the sun. The Coral Sea Islands and other islands in the region used to be popular for guano mining in the 1800s. While this activity has ceased, the associated bird activity hasn’t. I’m highly suspicious that some of the birds even know what they’re doing and deliberately target people from above.
  • When the wind blows, hats are less useful in countering the previous point.

I thought I’d use this opportunity to show our less famous neighbour and really the only landmark we have to see other than the horizon.

Monkey Island

This is Mid Islet to the north on a very calm day. It looks close but it’s actually about 8 km away from Willis Island and far too far away to venture to. It’s a little smaller than us but acts as a reference point for visual weather observations so comes in handy at times of bad weather.  Colloquially however it’s referred to as Monkey Island. The history behind this name actually goes back a few years when a former officer stationed here had a dream one night that the island was inhabited by monkeys. Simple. And seeing as they couldn’t venture over there to confirm if this was the case, the name stuck.


After a poll was held I’m happy to say that the charity Learning Links has gained the highest number of votes and will be the featured charity for the final leg of the walk. Learning Links provides specialist tuition, therapy, information, and counselling to children with learning difficulties, learning disabilities, or developmental delays. Thank you to anyone who took the time to place a vote. 

Current Featured Charity: Learning Links 

Laps Completed407

Laps to Go: 93