X. A Tribute to Flight

In tribute to the current featured charity for this leg of the walk the following pictures showcase several types of birds and other things that have been observed flying around the island. 


A Frigatebird Taking a Rest

Flying Back Home

Gliding  Home Low After Fishing

EMQ Helicopter

En-route to Rescue an Injured Cargo Ship Crewman

Masked Booby Visitor

A Lone Masked Booby Visits the Island

A Fluffy Baby Brown Booby

The Fluffy Baby Brown Booby


Afternoon Gliding at Low Tide


A SAR Aircraft During a Nearby Rescue Mission

Weather Balloon Launch

An Evening Weather Balloon Launch  

Sooty Terns

Sooty Terns  Doing Their Thing

Eye of the Booby

The Eye of the Booby

Red Footed Booby

Red-Footed Booby Pair Returning Home

Stray Pelican

A Visiting Penguin – Possibly Evil


Beach Walking

Brown Booby

Preparing To Jump Into the Sky

Distant Airliner

A Distant Airliner – Only the Third Seen in 4 Months

Sooty Tern

Sooty Tern in the Afternoon Sun

Brown Noddys and Brown Booby

A Brown Booby With a Possible Identity Crisis

Land Rail

Like a Dinosaur – Land Rail Stalking


Out-of-Towner – An Egret Visiting the Island After Bad Weather

Brown Booby

A Young Brown Booby


The Typical Afternoon Sky

As you can see there are many birds out here and they apparently never sleep. The noise is constant and the smell is distinctive although you do get used to the conditions pretty quickly.

If Twitter ever morphed into a real and physical thing, most likely via an electrical storm & a B-grade movie plot (#whatsthatsmell #myeyesarewatering), this place would provide a good source of inspiration.

Current Featured Charity: Royal Flying Doctor Service (SE) 

Laps Completed: 358

Laps to Go: 142