VII. A Transformation

The morphed island

After a temporary hiatus due to passing severe weather (and a resultant increased workload) the walk has resumed. Last week saw a tropical low pressure system pass almost directly over the island, which later went on to form Tropical Cyclone Dylan, a Category 2 cyclone. Although not yet a cyclone when it passed the island, we experienced an increase in wind, a calming as we passed through ‘the eye’ and then another increase in wind from the opposite direction.

Rough Seas

The island suffered no damage. However a combination of very rough seas and a king tide displayed Mother Nature’s full force by literally changing the shape of the island overnight.  What used to be water is now land and the beach has been completely transformed.


We also had a few visitors stop by. The normal frigate bird population increased from about 4 or 5 to more than 70 and for a couple of days they claimed aerial superiority and dominated the skies above. Where they’ve gone now is anyone’s guess but a few other visitors have decided to stay a bit longer. Most notable is the lone pelican, twice as big as any other flyer on the island, a pair of egrets, some masked boobies and a few golden plovers.

Frigate Birds

I’m not quite half way there yet but from now the pace will begin to step up. By the next post I’ll have passed the 200 lap mark and with that the featured charity will also transition from Guide Dogs NSW/ACT to the Kolling Foundation.

Current Featured Charity: Guide Dogs NSW/ACT

Laps Completed: 191

Laps to Go: 309