III. Haste Making

Turtle offshore

Happy New Year! It’s been hot, dry and sunny since late last year but the walking journey continued on throughout the week. For a few days the Coral Sea transformed into a great lake and turtles could be spotted well offshore, surfacing briefly for air.   

The peak of the season is now over but green sea turtles are still coming ashore to dig their nests and lay their eggs, albeit in smaller numbers and less often. This activity usually happens during the night but on the rarer occasion they can be spotted in the twilight before sunrise and after sunset. The birds are the most curious, usually hovering slightly above to get a closer look. Without the aid of wings however, I have to rely on my trusty zoom lens.

Over the past week slow and steady has been the walking mantra. Although I’m not racing anyone, time is still limited and the adapted saying of make haste while the sun shines has been applied with a few days of extra laps being put in.  The ‘crosses’ on my lap number chart are slowly building and  I’m not too far off the first milestone of 100 laps. A sense of progress is now starting to form but there’s still a long way to go.

In a future post I’ll do my best to paint a clearer picture of the island and put it into perspective for everyone.

Current Featured Charity: Garvan Research Foundation

Laps Completed: 81

Laps to Go: 419